Helping people with multiple sclerosis (MS) make good food choices through community-led research and education

Guided by the needs of the MS community, our research team is exploring the links between diet, nutrition and MS, in order to provide you with the latest evidence-based guidance for eating well with MS.

The MS Nutrition Research Program was formed in 2016, when Professor Lucinda Black began investigating the links between diet and MS, supported by an MSWA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. Since then, the research program has grown into a team of researchers, students and national and international collaborators, working with a common goal to resolve the confusion about diet for people with MS. We have co-designed this website with people with MS to keep you up to date on our latest research findings.

Our research themes

The role of nutrition in MS

Explore our research findings on the connection between nutrition and MS risk and progression.

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Lived experience

Discover our research findings about the dietary concerns and preferences of the MS community. Learn about our ongoing projects involving people with MS, carers of people with MS, and MS health professionals.

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Learn about the online nutrition education program we are co-designing with people with MS.

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Dietary trials

Stay updated on our upcoming dietary trials aimed at improving diet quality and reducing symptoms and progression of MS.

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